Installing Solar - can I pay my gas bill with solar credits

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I am wishing to install Solar to my house. I use gas also for heating and cooking. I have both electric and gas accounts with you. If I install solar will the credits be able to be used against my gas bill?

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Moonraker . Yes, you can pay your gas bill with credits from solar. Currently you'll need to send us a message whenever you wish to do that, but we're looking to automate this in future.

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Hi David, I was going to offer the same suggestion. Am I able to transfer credit by sending a message? When I called today the person I spoke to said I would need to call again when I had the next gas bill

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Charlie_78 ,

Unfortunately right now you do need to get in touch each time you want to pay a bill this way, but you can do it via a message through the app or My Account - you don't need to call.

In future we're hoping to offer the ability to pay with credit yourself, or use it automatically. It's a very popular feature request.