How to interpret downloaded power usage/solar generation data Excel CSV files

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Can someone explain to me if the Excel CSV files that can be downloaded from the MyAGL IQ My Usage page are really in NEM 12 format and how the consumption and solar generation data/values are to be interpretted please.

In particular, as per the image below, why does the column Rate Type Despcription feature 3 Peak and 2 Solar readings for each half hour interval for each day? If these represent different rates within the applicable tariff structure, then why are the values repeated for Register Codes 01246#E1 and 2? 

I am more familiar with half hourly interval data reports in Excel format where dates are listed by rows and 48 half hour interval values for each day of interval data are listed in columns - does AGL provide data in this format? 

AGL HHI Readings -Excel CSV file.jpg

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Hi Jordan, me again - and last post in this thread for the moment. I thought pictures might show the deterioriation of view we as users currently get in My Account. 


Here is the current view, with dollars as the Y axis:

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 8.21.47.png


Here is one earlier view (ie not directly comparable as to period), showing kWH on Y, and with the option of showing average maximum temperatures as well:


Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 8.31.50.png


Currently we are shown our billing changes over time. That's OK, but actually less useful to me than seeing the change in kWh because consumption is a constant metric while price is variable. This is a live point as, compared to the equivalent period last year, my most recent electricity charge was up 4.3% because of the mid year price rises even though my electricity usage was down 19.5% YOY.


 This feedback is offered in the hopes that customer input can help improve the experience for all!





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Good afternoon Anita,


First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to provide this valuable feedback. You make a very valid point regarding pricing being variable. In some cases, comparing usage is much more beneficial than a monetary comparison to determine why bills may have fluctuated. This is absolutely something we will keep mind when making any potential changes to our services and/or policies!


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I want to thank AGL and the great team of moderators. It is wonderful to have back the capacity to download csv files for electricity usage. Thanks to @Jordanemm and @jaydeny and all the others who have been supportive and informative. Thanks very much!!!!!

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Thank you so much for the kind words, AnitaS5! 


It's always brilliant to know that we're helping to make our customers lives easier, as well as helping them stay informed!  If there is anything that we can help with down the track, please sing out.


Kind regards,



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To the best of my knowledge no Retailer supplies files in NEM format.

They supply the data as is comes from the SmartMeter.

I have a program to convert the data from AGL2Nem.

Working at the moment to test the programs and announce them on the this web site.


Interested to see that according your file you have two solar units.


One that supplies power during the night and one that does not.


Bx meters are generators on your side and Ex meters are usage on your side.


NEM format files are (or should be) available from your electricity supplier (the company that owns the poles).


Cheers Neil