Generous Feed In Tariff (FIT) increases in four states

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I'm surprised that I could only find one other post on this topic, but from 1-July-17 all solar cusotmers in NSW, VIC, QLD and SA received a generous FIT increases.   I welcome AGL initiating these changes in response to the IPART recommendations.  Unfortuately inNSW they are paying less than the minimum amount recommended by IPART (benchmark range of 11.9 to 15.0 cents per kilowatt hour) but in the next year or two, competition/market forces should inevetibly push this higher.  In fact competition is the main reason AGL have just now upped the FIT, because most electrical energy retailers are lifting their FITs in response to IPART and nobody wants to be the underdog still paying a measly $0.06/kWh.


Feed-in-tariff increases

  State  Old rate (c/kWh)  New rate (c/kWh)  Increase
  NSW  6.1  11.1  82%
  Queensland  6.0  10.6  77%
  South Australia  6.8  16.3  140%
  Victoria  5.0  11.3  126%