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I noted on reading my last power bill with more than passing interest that my solar feed-in tariff has been reduced to the princely sum of 2 cents X Kwh. Somebody from AGL needs to inform me, in 10 words or less, why I should remain a customer of AGL?

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@PaulHarrison Hi Mate,


Out of curiosity if you could please.

1: What plan are you on.

2: What State do you live in

3: Who is your Energy Distributor


I do not work for AGL but am very interested in how everything is playing out.


Kind Regards



Plan:          Solar Savers

Dist:           Endeavour Energy

State:         NSW

AGL Moderator
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Hi @PaulHarrison, that is odd as our current retailer tariff is 5c/kwh, that should be on all plans but Solar Savers. I'll send you a message so I can look into your account. Thanks- Mark.

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Shortly I will be cancelling all/any/every contract for the supply of grid electricity. My present, and soon to not be so, supplier is AGL. The pittance I get for my rather substantial solar fitout is laughable. The reasons are many, but the main is this. In a one person household, with 37 panels on the roof and two batteries, for the last quarter I was charged just short of $700. The solar is working perfectly, I use less than the average power, and I repeat, mine is a one person household.


My concerns are that any attempt to switch off shore power and run on solar and generator will result in financial penalties from AGL, and those penalties will extend to a regular charge because my property is fitted for,  but not with, shore power. If I'm correct, this is price gouging at its worst. My battery

fit is two at the moment, and capable of expanding to six. I, and many others, are pissed off with the greenies and the power companies and that anger will only grow and expand. WHAT WILL IT COST TO DISCONNECT ME?

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@PaulHarrison What ??? That sounds way out of line, and been like this since you first post June 2023 ?

If so you're very patient.


Like @John-T asked way back when you first posted . . .

"Out of curiosity if you could please.

1: What plan are you on.

2: What State do you live in

3: Who is your Energy Distributor"


Ok, so your system is pro installed grid connected solar ?

How old ?

How many KW of panels all up ?

Inverter(s) capacity ?


2 batteries, modern specialty type lithium, or some sort of adhoc deep cycle lead acid / AGM ?

Are they rigged to cover you for outside daylight hours / blackout etc ?


Do you have any way to monitor your system ?


Again is it all professionally installed ?


Something is definitely not right on the face of it, but there are so many questions that need to be known before one can say why you are getting such astronomical bills, and yes, that is pretty much a 'non solar' sort of amount for one person.


We were in line for ~ $1000 + quarterly bills for the 2 of us, but we do have some high tech IT stuff through the property.

It was going to go up to that sort of $ from an average of about $700 a quarter, and why we took the solar leap.


With 11.23kwh of panels and 2 x 5kw inverters our current bill for 17 days since the last quarter ended is sitting on $36.07, that includes supply charge and gst . . . so $2.12 a day and reducing daily . . . reducing now as our son with his EV comes home often from interstate work and charges up for 4 - 7 days each time wahtever his stay will be, usually 30 - 50kw a night (Night Saver EV tariff).

So going on that, we should get our next full solar quarterly bill at around or under $189, so something is VERY wrong with your system.


Do you have the ability to download your AGL files and see what the devil kw you are using at various hours ?


I was reading Solarquotes blogs lately, and reading how some incorrect installs would ADD the solar feed into the usage, something like that might be happening to you !


You've really been getting and putting up with this for more than 6 months now ??

AGL Moderator
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Hi @PaulHarrison - thank you for reaching out again, we need some more details to investigate this account.
I'm going to message you again directly to request those details.

Kind regards,