AGL billing charges and statement lines for net solar export situations

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During the Christmas / summer period we sometimes get a net credit from AGL for our Solar Savers plan i.e. we sell more power back t than we use.


Looking at the bill, AGL appears to be applying a credit card charge based on the amount of power bought from the grid even though they are not doing a credit card transaction (because they owe us more than we owe them and the credit is just carried forward to the next billing period).


In addition I guess it seems odd that AGL charge us as a customer for GST for a payment never made to them although the ATO seems to ok this.


Here's the relevant bill lines (forgive the cut and pasted formatting)

New charges and credits.
Usage and supply charges Units Price Amount
Peak 25.555kWh $0.5859 $14.97
Off peak 1207.373kWh $0.1519 $183.40
Shoulder 49.59kWh $0.2412 $11.96
Supply charge 90 days $0.9856 $88.70
Other charges
Carbon Neutral Contribution (90 days $11.69
Visa Credit Card Payment Fee $4.65
Total charges + $315.37
Standard Feed-in Tariff*3156.441kWh $0.12 $378.77cr
Total credits – $378.77cr
Total new charges and credits = $63.40cr
Total GST + $31.53
Account balance = $31.87cr


BTW I should note that I opened a chat session with AGL support and their response to the questions above was 'the credit is reflected in your bill' i.e. didn't answer the question.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @solarexporter, I'll need to take a look at the account to see why this fee is showing up on the bill for you. I'll send you a private message to get started! Thanks- Mark

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AGL says credit card charge is one month in arrears.


GST is charged as the two transactions are separated.