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Wind turbines, solar panels, home battery storage - if it's discussion about renewable energy you're after, you'll find it here.

battery storage and 3 phase power


g'day gurus

we have obviously AGL channelled current at home, and 5 Kw of solar on the roof


we have 3 phase power in to the house off the grid 'cos we have an oven/induction hot plate set in the kitchen, and a condenser pump in the floor heating system, that both use 3 phase

as i understand it, the rest of the house's kit just draws the single phase (tho' that is an assumption)


i am contemplating putting in a storage battery [the Sunverge large looks just the thing]


so, the question to which my primitive (matriculation 1964) physics cannot fathom an answer:  how does such a battery storage system cope with, supply current to, kit that draws 3 phase?


thanks in advance for, i hope, some enlightenment

Richard D from Shoreham. 



Hi I have a Tesla powerwall 2 installed on my property which is 3 phase, Im going to try and simplify how the Tesla works with 3 Phase system with solar. There are several configurations that can be done. I have a 3 Phase solar inverter, when the grid goes off the inverter will not work as the supply from the powerwall is single phase unless you have 3 powerwalls on different phases. For the sake of the explanation, 1 powerwall and 3 phase inverter, the tesla uses CT clamps around all three phases which measures the power on all 3 phases. Let say the powerwall is connected to the red phase and you are using power on the blue phase the powerwall will put power onto the grid the same amount you are using, but the meter is a net meter which means instead of giving you a low export meter rate it effectively cancels out power used. 


for a better explanation please watch this

AGL Community Manager

Nice one @rivrydree. thanks for sharing that!

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You mention a Powerwall for each phase, have you any reference to someone that has done this? We asked this question during the design phase for our home solution and we were told we're unable to do that.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi @G_C 


I believe that your installer is incorrect. You can install  powerwalls on each phase, It is a expensive way of doing things. But if you need a lot of storage and money is no object, you definitely can do this. If you want all 3 phases covered, then 1 Powerwall 2 with CT,s will cover you for this. For more information you can click here and look at configuration 11, the battery inverters are not required as they are inbuilt in the powerwall 2. One more thing use a 3 phase solar inverter instead of a single phase solar inverter. 




What I need is an installer who understands this whole confusing situation.


 I wonder if I keep my essentials on one phase whether I can have my cake and eat it.


being that I am able to use the power wall and panels with supply on and off.


anyone know of someone good in WA?


I am a quadriplegic and have 3 phase. I need uninterrupted power supply but am not rich. 

plan to sell my part of a Bitcoin to pay for it



To explain the issue is like ask the horse what kind of cart he pulls, This is too complex issue to ask

Don't ask we do what is good for us.