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Wind turbines, solar panels, home battery storage - if it's discussion about renewable energy you're after, you'll find it here.

Wind turbines, solar panels, home battery storage - if it's discussion about renewable energy you're after, you'll find it here.

What remote, web based configuration and management capabilities will your solution provide?



A large part of AGL's Storage solution's economics and lifestyle improvement capability will depend on how clever and Web configurable / accessible it is.  By this I mean will it be:


  1. easy to review and control over the web, anywhere in the world, your home's energy management configuration to suit your needs
  1. Powerful to set effective, time of day, balance of power flows, level of storage capacity rules to whether power is stored or released from the storage solution.

Let's look at that last part more.  Will a system be offered that can:


  1. Have time of day rules that are aware of your providers teired rate structure?
  2. Have public holiday rules that match your providers teired rate structure?
  3. Be aware of daylight savings changes?
  4. Allow for a different set of higher priority (higher precedent rules) that apply when the grid is down that over ride normal rules?
  5. Have Home owner away rules (e.g. - don't recharge or only half re-charge my storage if depleted overnight whilst I am away for the next two weeks)
  6. Have home owner away rules that say don't charge my storage past x% from solar during the day because I am away and won't need peak capacity storage)?
  7. Are local weather aware from the web to make informed choices about battery versus grid storage flows?
  8. Can raise alerts via SMS to the home owners mobile (e.g. batteries low and bad wether forecast for 2 days - recharge from gird and preserve for peak next day usage only y/n?)?
  9. Can grow in intelligence and understanding of your cyclic usage patterns (Summer vs winter, week day vs weekend, holidays etc) to make better storage management determinations?
  10. Share and review your economic achievements and compare this on an opt in basis with other solution providers achievements to see / benchmark if your settings for storage management are optimal?
  11. Keep a history of your energy management profile and assess if it is sub-optimal?

Many thanks if you can answer all / most of these questions AGL - they are rather critical to understanding the true value in your proposed solution!





Hey Matthew, another good question with lots of great ideas. Some of these will be part of the initial solution, others we will add based on input from our community and customer demand.  


Ultimately there will be a number of different ways to set charge/discharge profiles from very simple set-and-forget through to giving you very detailed control over the device. Over time we will develop more sophisticated control algorithms based on our experience in the Australian market. Our objective is to let you take control of your own energy.


Hope this helps 🙂

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Hi Matthew, 


Check out the Power Legato product from AUO Optronics Corp.