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Wind turbines, solar panels, home battery storage - if it's discussion about renewable energy you're after, you'll find it here.

Solar command check not updated since 5 Dec


Normally my solar command check status is updated every day or so but since 5 Dec I note that is has not ben updated even though usage data shows that I am exporting to the grid and have been since that date.  I have checked again this morning and the status is still in error but the exporting to grid is still occurrig.  Can someone please advise why the status is not being updated ?



Hi srb623,


I wonder if there is a problem your end only, reason I suggest that is I am a bit of a critic of the Solar command going back to when it was up and down like a yo-yo but I can't remember the last time it was not up to date, especially, in your case all of most of December 2017. I used to dread looking at it but now it's as good as it gets.




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Thanks for your reply.  I have checked the settings for solar and they have not changed since I have set up solar command check so I don't think that it is my settings.  Tend to think that it is a problem at the AGL system end and that is something that the developers need to sort out for me !

AGL Moderator

Hi srb623, 


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I'm sorry to hear you haven't been able to access your usage through Solar Command Check. I am currently investigating with the team. 


As a first step, when you say the status is still in error, are you able to share a screen shot or provide more information on where this message or information is displaying? 


Secondly, could I ask you to clear your cache ? Sometimes when we are making enhancements and updates behind the scenes you might need to refresh your settings to see the latest version. 


Let me know how you go with the above and we can continue to look into this. 





   The error text in question was as per the below, except now I note that it is working and displaying today's date - before it had been always displaying the 5th of December.  I did clear the cache manually as per your advice, but when I reviewed those settings, Firefox should have been doing it automatically - so not sure what was going on there, but as you can see below, things look good now.  So happy to close this issue.
Your system is producing solar energy.
Updated 29 Dec 2017 using your last 30 days of data.
Thanks for your reply and help.

AGL Moderator

Excellent srb623, 


Glad to hear everything seems to be updating now. Always feel free to reach out here to double check. 


Have a lovely new year! 







I saw you were able to assist another customer. My solar usage has not updated on the web page or on the app since Jan1. I have attached a screen shot.


Please advise





I’ve had the same problem, I’ve been told that solar command doesn’t exist.  Is this true? Otherwise can you help?

AGL Moderator

Hi Neilsy,


Apologies for the delayed reply!


Can I ask if you're still seeing irregularities in your Solar Command data?


Kind regards,



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Hi Jayden


it started working about 2 weeks ago.