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Wind turbines, solar panels, home battery storage - if it's discussion about renewable energy you're after, you'll find it here.

Wind turbines, solar panels, home battery storage - if it's discussion about renewable energy you're after, you'll find it here.



This is complaint about meter re-config delay with a rediculous reason


I already have smart meter installed in my place last year as i told AGL i will need install solar PV later on. 


Phoned AGL on 15 March as i have installed solar PV but did not see any feed-in credit in my account. Why? Answer is i will need someone remotely re-config my meter to support solar PV.... A smart meter does not support bidirectional reading? Fine.... Wait....


3 days later, i received a msg from AGL, saying within 10 BUSINESS days it will be done. Why I pay 24/7 services but only get business days response?


After Easter holiday it is over 10B days, no change of my meter, rang AGL again. They don't know the reason and they cannot find the reason why it has NOT done?


The day after, i received an email, i quote below 

"AGL received an update from the Meter Coordinator:

I can see that the service request was rejected for - Please provide solar PV install date”.
A new service order will need to be raised with the Solar PV Install Date"."
Today is 7-4-2021 I feel heart attach when saying this reason... Based on my engineering background, re-config smart meter remotely is very simple job, just change a register setting. Why it takes 10 BUSINESS days to finish such simple job? AGL is not a governement body which has relative lower pace. This is digital world, look the response of TPG, only two letters different. Their support team access my router immediately and fix the issue right there. There is no difference from technology point of view from remote to a router and remote to a digital meter. 
In short, my complaint to AGL as below:
1, Customer response time is way to slow for smart meter related job
2, It is not reasonable to have BUSINESS days to count service time as customer has been charged daily
3, Lack of procedure details control ,should ask customer to provide all information needed at very beginning
4, why smart meter re-config is needed? My plan includes solar rate and it is smart meter. Once the solar work is done, it should go automatically. 
5, There is no notification to customer when something is wrong, until customers call back to AGL to check it. This is not loop management system. 
Sorry for the critical comments hopefully it will not hurt someone. 


It is dispointing that no one replies my post. 


Luckily i got another complaint about meter reading after my meter finally ENABLED. 


What a proudly 1837 Austrlia-made local company. I am proud of being with you.


This is a complaint email regarding the historical daily data has been changed dramatically and also Solar Feed in data is not reading properly.

I have recently installed solar and enabled bidirectional reading of the meter. 
Now, I can see daily usage ,charge and balance of usage and solar feed-in to the grid. This is good. 
Today, I noticed the past data in this billing period has been changed, the daily usage number increased a lot. Because I do remember that two weeks ago my daily usage was roughly equal to solar feed in number, so it is almost balanced. 
However, when I checked today, the daily usage in the past changed a lot. I have attached a snapshot of today's data and used a red line to mark the average level of usage when I checked it two weeks ago. I should have taken a snapshot two weeks ago but I did not. 
My complaint is the historical data should not be changed without notifying customers. If it keeps changing, what can clients trust?  
Also, during my installation of Solar, Solar company has estimated my billing and said it should be roughly balanced. I will only expect small bills quarterly. So Can you please check if there is anything wrong with the metering system or your database? 
I also attached my solar production data in April, average 40kw a day. If you compare it to AGL daily Sold To Grid data, It was only average 7kw.... This is a huge gap. I only have around 7kw usage during daytime for fridge running. The rest should all go back to Grid. Can I have the explanation for this? 
In all, the data that AGL app shows was confusing me and I got no notification of historical data changed. 
Ray Sun