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Wind turbines, solar panels, home battery storage - if it's discussion about renewable energy you're after, you'll find it here.

Battery fan on a hot day


On a hot day the fan in my Sunverge battery cabinet works flat out. Would it help heat removal if I kept the battery door open?





Hi Rob,

            The fan(s) in mine only seem to kick in in the afternoon when the ambient is above 30deg.  I have not looked if one or both are running.  I will look next time I hear them.  I would expec that one would blow and one would suck but again, I will have a squiz next time.

If you are worried about the fan's run time, have you logged a  call with support?  1300 35 63 63 (9:00am to 5:00pm AEST Mon) or used the support tab in your solar command portal?  I have had a reasonably good response from the team when I have had questions directly related to the VPP





Hi Ron,


Thanks indeed for helping out, much appreciated. Depending on what you discover I may just log a call with AGL but I will await on you, I have sent an email to our support guy on VPP at the beginning of the week but no answer/reply as yet which is unusual for AGL.




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AGL Employee

Hi Woodunn,


Thanks for your Community feedback. The ‘cabinet’ itself actually protects the internals from ambient dust, insects, vermin, rain, etc. and leaving the cabinet door open allows these to get into the cabinet and potentially damage the cabinet internals, so the manufacturer suggests leaving the cabinet door closed. The fan will turn on to cool the internals when required, such as on a hot day.


Hope that helps,




Ours sounds like a battleship's boiler room on any day over 30 degrees, which is mad when you consider that it is installed inside a double brick double-car garage.

We often have to turn up the TV volume when it really gets going.

Surely it does not need this much cooling?



I can confirm that when the ambient temperature goes over about 32 deg, both fans kick in.  They seem to have two settings.....on and off!  The lower fan on the right of the cabinet sucks and the fan on the top right blows, so keeping the door closed will keep the air flowing accross the electrical gubbins as designed and as per other answers, also keeps the unit safe from dust and other environmentals.


26.8 degrees in the garage, and the fans have been running flat out for hours, and we dread the noise as summer really hits us.


I would NOT have allowed it to be installed where it is, had we known how annoying it is.


I can only hope that the upgraded battery has new firmware that recognises and fixes this problem, as I can't see the need for such air flow, and attendant noise.


Larger,slower fans would help.