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Your Energy Insights report needs some fine tuning


Received my latest Energy Insights report and it tells me

"We estimate that 45% of your usage went towards pool pump.*  Pool pump    $144"


As I don't have a pool, nor a pool pump, it looks like you need some finetuning on this before it can be of much use to help us manage our usage.

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Hi there grahcom, 


Welcome to the AGL Community!


If you're seeing incorrect details listed in your Insights report, then you may need to update your Home Profile using the prompts found in your AGL MyAccount. 


Once completed, let us know here if this changes the report. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. 


Ok have filled out and completed the Home Profile, will see how that works.   

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Thanks for completing your Home Profile @grahcom. Let us know here if that changes your report outcome.


@TZ, I noticed you mentioned something similar recently in your post. Let us know here if the Home Profile helped with this. 






My Energy Insights report doesn't seem quite right either. It says my light were almost a quarter of my bill. Hard to believe in the middle of winter.


I have completed the home profile.

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Hello @grahcom, @TZ@PhilMc


Our My Account team are working on some changes to the Home Profile that might these suggestions.


Stay tuned for the release and an update here! 

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Hi @grahcom@PhilMc,


If you have completed your Home Profile within My Account, which provides a breakdown of how you consume energy in the home, you’ll notice some new features just released.


Log into My Account, go to the Manage Account tab and view the energy efficiency tips on how to manage your usage. This feature is hot off the press, let us know what you think here or if you’ve got any other suggestions for what you do!


Definitely needs fine tuning! Apparently I've 29% on cooling, it's freezing here and have been using the fire and haven't used any cooling for the period in question. They say we have used a great portion on cooking, agl mustn't know we has gas cooking! Not sure how they calculate these figures but they're WRONG! 


I totally agree.  I have a solarhart hot water system and live in Qld but am consistently told my greatest usage is on hot water. Also it is suggested that I lower the temperature on the hot water system even though this is illegal in Brisbane due to concerns about legionnaires disease.  I also have a tampering valve fitted to regulate hot water temperature which is now a legal requirement.  If anything, I would like to increase the temperature of the water that comes through the tap but am not legally permitted to do this.  I suggest AGL becomes acquainted with regional safety requirements.