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Transaction History in My Account. Tell us what you think!

AGL Moderator

Based on feedback from you, our customers, we are trialling a new feature in My Account where it’s possible to see your previous transactions.


Starting Thursday 11th October, some customers will be able to see this new feature and view transactions from the past three years.


We’d love to know if you find this transaction list helpful or if things are missing or confusing? Reply below with your comments and suggestions so that you can help us improve.


If you don’t see a new heading ‘Transaction History’ next to your Bill History in the Overview screen within My Account, you might not be part of the feature release just yet! If you see this screen, share your thoughts below!





27 Feb 2019       Bill 29 Nov 2018 - 26 Feb 2019      $567.57, the amount of  $567.57 does not include my POTD amount 404.89 (difference of $162.68), where is it? I was on CHAT today for OVER an hour trying to sort it out and the billing person did not have a clue, basically kept trying to say that it had been applied when clearly it had not! The amount on that bill was $567.57 and $404.89 with the POTD, the carried over "previous amount reflected on my current billing statement on page 2 listed $567.57 not $404.89. I have been cheated $162.68! how many other customers have been cheated but have not realised it????

There's always one that has to be negative. and yep it's me.

When I logged in at the beginning of May I found that my Gas account wasn't showing, I opened a Chat session to help with the problem but no one was available so I left a message of the issue.


Then after logging in today I found that a payment I had put on the Gas account at the end of April had disappeared. The payment was not used on a previous bill as I am new to AGL and this months bill should have shown the amount I paid at the end of April of $225. 

After calling AGL today to resolve the issue and being put through to resolutions, they could not see the payment, which strangely I have a bank statement saying I paid $225 to both the Electricity and Gas accounts. Electricity shows to the $225 but the Gas shows nothing in transaction history. So obviously when my account disappeared off my account at the beginning of May so did my transaction history including payment. Your resolution dept said I paid twice to the Electricity account however the transactions on that account show one (1) payment of $225 not two. As mentioned I have a bank statement saying PAYMENT $225 twice. I doubt I will be an AGL customer after this.


I am not sure this feature is working properly yet because my history says I've paid a bill, yet, I have not.


Not overly happy with on line chat. I have a Direct Debit set up but they constanlty tell me I dont.

Called the call centre to change the DD amount and they decided to take out my payment then and there without my orthorisation.

Service pretty bad, no idea whats going on.


It is a good start.


I would like to be able to download my entire billing history as a CSV file so I can analyse the cost differences over time, considering the changes I have made like gas hot water etc.


I don't think this feature is working. It creates more confusion than is helpful. The amounts you show in credit are less than what I have paid till date for this year. The Debit amounts do not match the invoice amount. There are multiple reversal transactions with no remark as to why it was reversed. While it could have been a very helpful feature and I would like to have it (like a running ledger account), as the moment it is totally useless if someone wants to use it as a record of their transactions with AGL. 


I guess i'll continue maintaining my own records.