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No hourly usage


when will we be able to view the old graphs of useage? they are more useful.


Agree with you 12ben345.


While the new usage charts are nice to look at on the webpage, it only shows daily usage now. The summarised monthly, year to date figures can't be found any more and previous year as well. 


Did anybody do user acceptance testing? Or was it a in-house decision to present it the way it is now?


Agree 100% new one is not usable

AGL Moderator

Hi all,


Thank you for your feedback!


Please be advised that additional features (such as hourly usage) will be added in the coming weeks.


Kind regards,



AGL Community Manager
Status changed to: Good Idea, Vote!
AGL Community Manager
Status changed to: Watch this Space
AGL Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

I'm pleased to say these features have been added to the app so I'm closing this one!