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New Usage and App are incredibly dissapointing


I am extremely dissapointed with the new usage information available.  I have to log into the agl website for $$ info and the app for hourly usage.  Nowhere can I see weekly or monthly figures and worst of all, the usage graph  hasn't been updated in days but the $ amount is increasing, sometimes twice in one day.  This is a joke, please go back to the old system.  It worked, why change it?


Extermly dissapointed with the new ussage app and web page. There is no weekly or monthly usage like before. Thought i was missing something and gave a call to AGL the customer service girl doesnot have a slightest idea what i am talking about.

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I keep a record of my power purchased and sold on a weekly basis. This matched the previous data presentation from website.  Historical data was also available by selected date range.

NOW, the only data available is daily or half-hourly!!! Give us back period options for data presentation.


When I submitted the above to chat on website, this is what I got back:

"Due to some system upgradtion (sic) you will be able to see consumption on the basis of daily and hourly only. For any feedback in regards to the app I would please request you to write us"


I see a lot of similar comments already submitted.

Response please!


The new usage app is a joke compared to the old one. To get weekly or monthly usage figures you have to download the data in 30 minute blocks!! This is not progress, and is not customer friendly.

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These features are still in active development. More options for viewing usage data will be added in the near future.

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The features requested in the original post here are now available in the app so I'm closing this request now. If you'd like to provide additional feedback or request other features, please start a new idea or vote on an existing one!