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My AGL IQ replicable error - using date picker always fails to return data


My AGL IQ gives usage data when you first load it. However, if you use the date picker to select any date (even the most recent date with data) an error is returned.


Using the date picker has not worked for over a month now (I was hoping it would be noticed at EOFY).


When first loading the page (or reloading):




After choosing any date (in this case the most recent with data - 01 Jul):




For your development team, the problem occurs any time is called with a non-null UISelectedDate e.g.

Payload: {"UISelectedDate":"2018-07-01"}

AGL Moderator

Hi Magao,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


We appreicate you taking the time to provide this helpful feedback and I'm happy to confirm that this area of our site is currently in the works. We'd love it if you could add any other feedback that you may have now or in the future to our 'Ideas' section found here.


Kind regards,



AGL Moderator
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I'm closing this one down as the usage tool has been upgraded. If you need to provide additional feedback please create a new Idea.