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Json API to pull usage data


Hi Agl


Is there an API available so i can pull my usage data ( same data found in the downloadable scv at )  from my agl account to a database i'm creating to analyse my solar generation across multiple system and my power usage 

AGL Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration

@RyanQLD sums it up nicely!


Once the api is there and people start using you can anticipate an open source effect where the community will generate even more interest by showing the art of possible.  This in turn creates its own wind and much stickier customers ... especially if there is marginal financial difference to any other energy supplier.


I would like to see if i can pull the amount of KW my solar is generating so that i can use IFTTT to turn my pool pump on/off during the day.


I would like to see an API please as well, even if you don't have a smart meter.


I too would appreciate an API to access usage data. My interest is in the recent meter reads (ie the running kWh accumulators, not the incremental usage). I would be making a request every 30 mins. Thanks!


This Would Be Great!!, A REST API to use in home automation systems such as home assistant, That would definitely make me switch back to AGL. 


+1 for a JSON API. My current process is:

- Use a cron to submit request for usage data every Saturday for the last week.

- A script checks for email and extracts the attachment, puts it in Google Drive

- A second script pulls from Google Drive and formats the CSV in a more digestible format.

- A third script reads it and displays it in my Home Automation dashboard.

It doesnt work in real time and its getting annoying and can be the only reason I switch to a different provider. I have been in touch with AGL re: this before and doesnt look like there has been any progress at all. Happy to help with the development/test if needed (I am a software engineer).

AGL Community Manager

Thanks for the feedback everyone, keep it coming. I can confirm that this access is under serious consideration, it's just a question of timing, and at this stage I can't give any firm timeframe.




 I’d appreciate an api to call usage stats - this will help tremendously with my power billing estimates for work and neat feature to add to my home assistant dashboard that no other supplier offers currently (as far as I know)


Another +1 for a REST API PLEASE!!


It would be a great tool to drive data into my home automation and home dashboard systems!.