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Drop in solar rate


Because you guys keep dropping the solar rates I might as well turn it off 


It's just not worth having anymore at your rates

AGL Moderator
Status changed to: Needs More Info

Hi @Davie50


Thanks for your post. So I can pass your feedback onto the right team, may I ask what your location is and more about how and when you use solar? What products you are using etc? Thanks for any additional information you can provide. 


I used to be 30 odd cents per kilowatt, but without notice you guys decided to drop it to practically nothing, so I'm really wondering weather its really worth the expence..


It would be great to see the balance owing.


This quarter I paid my bill (of roughly $780, including the pay on time discount) in two chunks, although only a day apart.  Although it was showing the first payment of $550 as received, it was still showing me as owing the entire $980 - the amount without the pay on time discount and excluding the $550 which was showing as received.