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Credit/Balance transfer - Pay gas bills from credit of electricity account


Need a feature to pay gas bills from the credit of electricity account, rather than needing to contact AGL support.




New poster here. Its disappointing to see that the solar feed-in tariff credit isn't automatically transferred to the gas account and despite 2 years since this idea has been put forward, this has yet to be implemented. 


As someone who has only recently added a large solar system to the house, I found it attractive to have my mobile and internet rolled into the AGL ecosystem and largely paid for by the feed-in tariff credits. 


Could we please look at those services added to being paid for by any credits? I'm sure it makes very good business sense to have balances transferred to those services than it is to simply refund as cash and have customers spend their money elsewhere with other telcos. 


Surprised this no brainer feature has not been implemented yet.


(2 years and this hasn't been implemented), I'd like to see this "Customer Service" feature too.


When my current contract expires I'll be off if this hasn't been introduced.