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Credit/Balance transfer - Pay gas bills from credit of electricity account


Need a feature to pay gas bills from the credit of electricity account, rather than needing to contact AGL support.


I just would like to provide my support to this idea! It is a needed feature!!!


How is this still not available, this is ridiculous!




I've requested this on June 2019 and just wondering why the status is still Under Consideration and not Under Development?  (considering so many others are also asking for this feature - including quite a few likes).

AGL Community Manager

Hi @Pseudo68 , we're aware it's a popular feature request and it remains on the roadmap for development. The challenge is that what seems like quite a simple feature actually requires very extensive work to implement because of the way our systems are set up, and needs to be prioritized against other features and improvements as well. I'm following up on it.


Thanks  @David_AGL for following up.


It's just annoying that we need to call AGL.. then hear all the ACR options.. select the right option.. (if not go through the ACR options again)...  then enter the account number, then enter date of birth.. wait for verification.. then wait.. wait for available AGL operator... and then once an operator picks up the call  go through the rigmarole of requesting to pay gas from the electricity credit.. wait for that to be processed.. etc.. "get a reference number if desired...   
the whole process from start to hang-up took 12mins 36sec this time...
and noting that I'm doing this every month.

AGL Community Manager

 @Pseudo68 ,  just a thought - have you tried using the "Message Us" feature on your My Account page? You should be able to message your request for a balance transfer without the need to wait around for an agent to be available over the phone or for live web chat. I realize it's still a nuisance to make the request each time, but at least it will cut out the need to wait.


Hi David,


Ok, I logged into the My Account page.

Clicked Message Us..

Virtual Assistant popped up..  typed in my requirement.. it then transferred me to an agent (8 minutes)…
I requested “I would like to pay my Gas bill amount owing from my electricity credit”
agent asked me “Should I transfer the total credit amount or only the due amount of $nn.nn?”

Anyway, it was processed in the end with long response delays from the agent because it’s not live chat but rather a messenger service.

Really can’t wait to do this ourselves.


Being able to transfer solar credit to pay a gas bill throug the app is a must if you want to retain solar customers 


People understand that seemingly simple changes are not so simple but surely it could and should have been done by now, 


Please prioritise this 


Hi David,

As you are the AGL Community Manager, I am going to go straight to the main problem I see with the majority of comments on this feed, that is not being able to pay a Gas bill with the credit on the Electricity bill from Solar. I am also one of these very p....d off customers who has to go through all the BS on the phone every time I want to do this.

I have read all the comments and all of your reply's, with the first comment being made in June 2019. Since then all I can see that has been done besides nothing, is a lot of political spin in your reply's about doing something about it, when in fact nothing has been done. In this day and age of computers and digital technology, it is not a hard thing to introduce.

I read on the AGL website that they have a proud 184-year history of innovation and a passionate belief in progress – human and technological.

We deliver 4.2 million gas, electricity, and telecommunications services to our residential, small and large business, and wholesale customers across Australia.
We operate Australia’s largest electricity generation portfolio, with an operated generation capacity of 11,208 MW, which accounts for approximately 20% of the total generation capacity within Australia’s National Electricity Market.
Today, with an eye on the future, we’re focused on embracing innovation and technology to foster new and sustainable energy solutions for our customers.

Our purpose
At AGL we have a passionate belief in progress – technological and human – and a relentless determination to make things better for you, our communities, the Australian economy, and our planet.
Like you, we believe that the world is going through extraordinary challenges. We don’t shy away from the tough questions, we consider the answers carefully, and we take action to shape a better future for all.

Our values
Deliver your best
Going the extra mile for our customers
Constantly looking to improve
Shape tomorrow
Having courage to explore new possibilities
Embracing opportunities to grow
Approaching challenges with a can-do attitude
Keeping the future in focus

Having read all of these things on the AGL website I don't agree with them, because they have done nothing about this issue for their customers, so they are able to pay their gas with the solar credit on their electricity bill.

In summary, stop giving your customers spin and do something by fixing it and making it happen.

In the famous words said by the great AFL Hawthorn coach John Kennedy Snr, "Do something, don't think, don't hope, do something"


AGL Community Manager

Hi @Rod61 , thanks for the response. I understand the frustration and I'm aware this is a popular feature request that has been  a long time in coming. As I'm not a software developer, all I can do is to continue to highlight this feedback to the relevant teams - which I will continute to do. There's no spin in my responses, just transparency with all the facts I can provide:

1) We're aware this is a feature that many customers want in our online platform, and it's on our development roadmap
2) It's a big job, and with finite development resources, it needs to be prioritized against other features and functionality that also need to be built
3) I'll be delighted to post an update here as soon as there's more info to share