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AGL Rewards Connection Failure


Numerous reports from people in the AGL Community about issues connecting to AGL Rewards, and still no solution. AGL should notify its customers of this issue so we do not waste our time on Chat with people who are unable to assist. Poor customer service, and not a good image for your brand.

AGL Moderator

Hi Maurice,


We apologise for any inconvenience you have experienced when attempting to access AGL Rewards through My Account.


We are aware that this issues are ongoing and persistent, and we're currently working to resolve these. We do thank you for taking the time to provide us with our feedback and you're very welcome to send me a private message with your account details so that we're able to take a closer look at your account.


Kind regards,



AGL Moderator
Status changed to: Delivered

We are pleased to advise that we released an update today that refreshed access to Rewards into the top navigation within My Account.


Customers who previously reported the ‘endless loop experience issue’, are advised this has now been resolved. See the full update here.


When I tried to follow the hyperlink in Samjy's "See the full update here.", the system (Chrome browser on Windows) displayed  

     Access Denied

It is now May 2020 (2 years later) and I cannot access AGL rewards. Even the troubleshooting link does not allow me to add the 'rewards' tab to my account. It is not good business to send emails about all the rewards I can receive and to enter competitions when your website will not allow me to access these rewards in the first place.

AGL Community Manager

Hi @ajanssen , shoot me a private message with your account number and I'll look into the issue


Hi team


I cannot see My rewards tab ln my Accont page. i am new to it. When i try to register the same i cannot open the page.

On the FAQ page : unable to see the tab, when i try to open the help page, i cannot access it.





Nearly two years, and I still do not have access to My Rewards tab. I guess the fix has been delayed due to Covid19........yeah right!

AGL Community Manager

Hi @Maurice , did you send your account details through to Jayden, as suggested in his comment a couple of years back?  If you'd like to send them through to me, just click on my name here and then click "Send a message". I can have the issue with your specific account looked into.


Hi David,

I have PM you with the details, and posted my reply to Jayden below for all other followers of this forum. I do not have a documented reply from Jayden, but I may have spoken to him over the phone. It is too long ago, and I cannot remember. Needless to say that I have never had rewards available to me so I assume it has not been corrected. I just tried Incognito again, and it is still not working.

Jayden AGL response from me..jpg

AGL Community Manager

Hi @Maurice , I need your account number to investigate this, and it wasn't included in your PMs to Jayden or myself. I'm more than happy to follow this up for you until we get it resolved, or I can remove your posts as you requested - just let me know how you'd like to proceed.