Make Bill Data to Show Meter Readings Correctly

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If you have a Smart Meter, the bill is read to 3 decimal points (Manual Meter Readers use no decimal points).


Now using data from "MyAccount" downloads I can see the meter readings (usage at ½ hour intervals). I can translate that Data into Daily Usage and then know (to THREE DECIMAL POINTS) my daily usage and my usage for whole my billing period.


On the bill you say:

Meter #          Read Type        Start Ref     End Ref      kWh Used
U123456789        Actual               7,371         9,350      1,979.349
U123456789        Actual               1,903         2,401         498.858


Now if I did not have a smart meter my usage would have been 1979 Kw  and 498Kw respectively.


With a Smart Meter you know the actual figures and as such you should show them.


Know I know that my meters for that period were 7371.096 / 1902.870 for the start and 9350.445 / 2401.699 for the ends.


If you do the mathematics that works out to 1979.349 and 498.829 pretty close to your figures.


So my suggestion is that you should show actual read values for the meters (0 decimal points for manual reads)  and REAL VALUES for Smart Meters.


This would enable someone with a smart meter to check your values (either by a manual read or using computer calculation) as we know our meters are read at MIDNIGHT on the days of our billing cycle.


You should also fix the problem on your bill where it is stated.


"Your next meter read is due between 25 Jul 2020. Please ensure easy access to your
meter on these days."


The word BETWEEN is only required for MANUAL METER READS.


This should read:

"Your next meter read is due on 25 Jul 2020."


You do not need access to my meter as it is remotely readable and it will be read on that day.


Hopefully will these this in action on to my next bill in 86 days time.