Solar Feed In / Usage Calculation method

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Hi All, I have a 3 phase house and a 3 phase inverter.

When looking at the AGL hourly usage at times its showing solar feed in of about 2.5kWh and at the same time buying from grid about 0.5kWh cant work out why I would be feeding in so much and buying at the same time or is that because of the usage on the different phases and it will re-calculate at billing time or because it might have peaked past the generated power for a short moment?


With a 3 phase system / inverter I believe the solar generated power is split between the 3 phases evenly and if one phase requires more it will pull from the grid wondering if the smart meter works this out and minuses it from the feed in?


i.e. say I am generation 6KW this would get split to 2kw on each phase.

say Phase 1 was using 3kw and nothing on phase 2 and 3 would billing be

a) 6kw feed in minus 3kw usage - total 3kw feed in


b) 1kw buy from gird for phase 1 and 4kw feed in from phase 2 and 3?


Hope that makes sense and someone can help me understand it, I tried the AGL call center and they had no idea and made me feel like I was an idiot for asking.