Meter capacity

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Just wanting to check the size of a meter a builder has supplied is correct. (I know it doesn't allow for future pool as we expected and I don't think it is to requirements for Day 1)


539.7 MJ/hr load Day 1 // Allowance for future pool 939.7 MJ/hr (refer my appliance load calcs below)

I understand 539.7 MJ/hr is a Day 1 capacity 14.09 cu.m (divide 539.7 by 38.3)

Future pool would be 24.53 cu.m


However the meter Capacity is listed as 10cu.m/hr Gas (SG0.62)

(Other info on meter: Outlet 2.92 kPA Set @140 kPA, Range 140 to 515 kPa Nom. Metering Press. 2.75kPa)


It would be appreciated if someone qualified in this could confirm the meter capacity 10cu.m is not sufficient for Day 1 and would need to be replaced (and I know it doesn't provide the future proof capacity for pool as we had expected).


Appreciate any advice.


Thanks in advance,



(MJ/hr - Hot Water 188, Stove top 1 48.5, Stove top 2 54,7, Ducted Heater 129, Gas fire 42.5, BBQ 77, Pool heater 400 = 939.7 MJ/hr)