Meter Investigate - Usage too high

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Anyone know what's involved in a meter investigation.

New meter installed and usage to date is approx 18,000 MJ for 6months, 9,000 MJ for 90 days. This is 95.7 per day. references high usage as 39.5 MJ. And AGL still thinks nothing is wrong with meter.


Was told Jemena will just come and look at Central meter so no time will be arranged. My issue is the meter is running too fast. They will find the same read as bill and presume nothing is wrong without testing if the meter in unit is running to fast.


Appalling call with AGL

Me: My concern is meter is running too fast and registering a very high usage. Im a 3 people household and using 9000 while your reference says a 4 people household uses 4-5000.

AGL: That reference means nothing. We do not know how many people live in a house. My bill alone is 600/qtr for one person.

RIGHT! why provide that as reference in bill then?