Final meter reading when disconnecting

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I, on behalf the owner of a rental apartment, just took a 8 day's electricity connection bridging between the previous tenants disconnection and a new connection when the new tenants moved in. However, the 8 day bill surprised me by total electrical consumption of 167kwh, or nearly 21kwh per day for 8-day empty apartment unit. During the 8 days, I just open for inspection 3-4 times, each max for less a hour or so, which means during the 8 days the usage of lighting/AC and tested the diswashers/washing machine etc might just be in total 4hrs max, or equiv 40kwh+/hr!!


I rang AGL service to make an enquiry, but nothing was explained. I asked if AGL could check the previous tenant's last bill/reading if something wrong/error between the readings? The answer is No, AGL cannot do this for me. To make sure the equip/facilities in the apartment are not in problem to "leak" electricity, I contacted the previous tenant. Fortunately he is very helpfult to provide his last bill to me and believed the 167kwh was definitely wrong (his daily consumption was abt 6-7 kwh before the last bill, but his last bill was just 3.4kwh/day, or for his last bill of 19 days total consumption just 65kwh!). The reason seems obvoius after viewed his last bill: there were 3 readings for the last bill in different dates  (Jan 7th, 12th and the last day - the disconnection date, Jan 26th), all readings were ESTIMATED. That is,the estimated readings are too far away from actual/real readings!


I m not sure why the final reading awas not done by ACTUAL reading, but this is clearly not right way to conclude an account to get the final figure, while it can be understandable to have estimated figures before the last reading.


In case if AGL service guy cannot get into the locked area for the electrical meters, 1). why cannot he or AGL ring the contact person of the account to read/photo instead? 2). even he had to make an estimate, what should be his reference bench mark for the estimated figure/s? the previous bills two in row were 6-7kwh/day, then why the estimted figure became 3.4kwh/per day?


Really wish AGL can improve the procedures/measures to avoid such problem, for which AGL telephone service center refused to help to find out the reason, but had to be done by myself...