Controlled Load

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My hot water storage runs on a controlled load. I believe the hours are between 11pm and 7am. My question is there a way i can change duration of this time frame?

The reason i ask is: in my household, everyone is up and out of the house by 6am during the week, so most of our hot water usage (being showers) for the day takes place at 5am. This means when the controlled load starts at 11pm the hot water heater turns on, once fully heated the kw usage drops and maintains for the rest of the night, however we get up and use hot water at 5am (still within the controlled load window) so the hot water heater fires up again until 7am ( i can see 2 spikes through the AGL app. 


So were heating the water twice in one night, using almost double the electricity for water heating. if we shift the window back 2 hours, we could cut back our use dramatically.

We're not using anymore hot water than an average person getting up at 7am. But because of this window we are using almost twice the electricity to heat it.