Everything related to your AGL Internet plan

Everything related to your AGL Internet plan

Unable to connect modem in new house


We just moved in to a new house, transferring our AGL account.


We bought over our AGL modem only to find there is no way to connect it to the NBN socket in the wall.

Does this mean the black NBN box (the one that is specific to a certain house and must stay there) is missing, or are we missing a particular cord to connect the AGL modem to the NBN socket in the wall?

Photos below.


unnamed (7).jpgunnamed (6).jpg


AGL Moderator

Hi Louise,


Sorry to hear that you have hit a bump connecting at the new address.
We need a few more details to be able to help with this one. 

There are currently 7 NBN types available, with a few different methods of cabling, we would need to know your address to confirm specifically what we are needing.


We won't ever ask for your personal details on this website, so we kindly ask for you to get in touch with our friendly team. Ways to contact us can be found at

We look forward to hearing from you and getting you connected!