Everything related to your AGL Internet plan

Everything related to your AGL Internet plan

Terrible NBN - All day drops and painfully slow from 3pm.


Recently joined AGL, got the bundle which I'm not regretting with for NBN.


Inconsistent speeds and drops all day, from 3pm-11pm is just painful. Overloaded lines and slow.

I'm on Home Fast with HFC NBN.


Best way to deal with this? Thinking of cancelling and going to aussie bb.

How can I see my nbn line stats? They don't appear to be avaiable in the netcom router.



I agree!! Same position….can anyone help as I can’t even get through to anyone to talk about it at AGL


Sorry meant to say, am regretting!


After finally getting a hold of the 'tech' team on the phone last night. 

The lady advise there had been a migration a day or two ago which has caused this issue. Evening though its been happening for weeks. She said to wait 24 hours and see how it goes..

Woke up this morning and our NBN has been offline for over 4 hours now.


Ok so I have a great update..spent time finally getting through to a tech…told her not to BS me as I had a fair idea of things and finally got advised this…and it’s worked perfectly ever since! I simply put in: ACC followed by my account number in both the username and PW place. So far so good 

Super Charger

I had the same issue, but I was using a non-AGL supported router. I switched to an AGL supported router, and within a few days it improved and appears to be fixed.

Are you both using the router provided with your AGL internet plan? Have you contacted live chat to troubleshoot?

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