Everything related to your AGL Internet plan

Everything related to your AGL Internet plan

Internet Outages.


As someone who has been connected to the internet via NBN for sometime, I am perplexed about the number unexplainable outages whilst with AGL. Since the change I have had far to many of these. Which has me wondering if others have multiple outages for no explained reason. So to help the provider I am posting them here, please feel free to add yours too.




10-10-2021 / 01:27:04 to 04:22:23 / Required RESET of Modem / AEST / NSW / NORTHERN REGION


Any others?

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AGL Community Manager

Hi @jchopines ,


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with internet outages. Definitely let us know and get in touch with support if these continue.

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Has not happened since, so it may have been related to weather and lightning in the local region, I probably should retract it. But it appears this time to be related local area issues as others on the node had similar experiences with other providers.


I am so sorry for the issues raised, but sometimes it is not related to the internet service provider, but the type of technology deployed. Maybe this will make just one other person mindful of the some of the external issues that can effect our internet connectivity.



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I've just got the bundle from AGL twice today no internet can't contact anyone because the internet provider that AGL use close at 8pm so now have no internet which I think isn't good enough I should be able to contact someone at any time to resolve any issues