Everything related to your AGL Internet plan

Everything related to your AGL Internet plan

Has anyone else had issues with AGL internet? 0


AGL Employee

Hi Vicki,


We are sorry to hear that you may be having some trouble!


Could you tell us a little bit about what you are experiencing? 


Tara, the AGL Team


Yes I live in Muswellbrook NSW 2333. The service is slow to connect and there have been a lot of times that it is not available for hours at a time. Some days especially on the weekend it can take up to 5 hours before I even get on line.


My first bill was not sent out via the email and I ended up with a double payment the next month. NOW a new issue with billing. My 8th of December '21 bill invoice 2200356 was for $5.81. Which I thought was wrong, so I messaged and got the reply that all was good and that the bill was correct.


This is totally wrong as today my emailed bill invoice 2703875 is for $114.19. AS a pensioner I expect to my bill to be correct so that I can pay them on time and without the hassle. I have been with AGL Electricity for decades and never such a problem as this.So now not only do I have an Electricity bill due on the 20th but a double internet bill due on the 22nd.


Due to this continual error in billing and the issues with the internet, I am switching providers for the internet. Plus I am now even considering changing Electricity providers. Especially since this is totally unprofessional and I wonder how long before other areas of the company go the same way.