Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.



What has happened to the rewards  all useless offers now especially for regional people. A handful.of gift cards for stores that I have never used., and are not based in regional areas. What happened to Coles etc  useful rewards. Now one of the biggest benefits from being with AGL has  become void


AGL Community Manager

Hi @Mel66 , we recently changed our Rewards program to partner directly with retailers. More rewards will continue to be added in the near future. 

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I am very disappointed to learn that you no longer offer Woolworths or Coles discount cards.  The response that you are now working directly with retailers is a little incredulous as you are only offering the cards available from The Card Network group.  


Please bring back the retailers directly. Its the only reason I signed up with AGL in the first instance and the cards on offer now are next to useless to anyone who doesn't live in the city.

AGL Moderator

Hi hdhrcjj,


Thanks for being part of the AGL Community.


Due to the recent changes with our Rewards system, there are limited ranges available at the moment, but more retailers will be added soon! We know a lot of our customers love the supermarket gift cards.


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My question is how often do you use any of these online retailers?the only one I use is ebay but not all the time. Spas and cinemas and restaurants,  nowhere near regional people, not that I frequent them either. Coles and woolies were good everyday for most people. Recently gave us a Coles voucher to use but can only use it once! Now still no decent rewards, maybe reduce the electricitycosts instead if not going to offer any decent rewards anymore. That would benefit everyone,  take an extra 5% off or something. .


I never use these online retailers. Like yourself (and I live in the inner city of Sydney) I had been using the Coles and Woolies frequently and they were a big plus. I keep going back to see what's on offer and it's the same rubbish introduced last year. The one-off Coles voucher has not been repeated.  AGL Rewards are a complete waste and not anything to attract me to or to stay with AGL.



When is soon? You posted 2 months ago that new retailers would be added, but still no sign of any retailer worth using.