Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

Solar Monitoring Web Page


What is going on with the solar monitoring web page. It has for the past few days displayed a message "You are experiencing a technical eclipse". It goes on to say please use the navigation to search what you are looking for and a button "Go To Home Page". Guess what, the button doesn't work either. What the hell is going on? I use that page daily.



Hi Benibasha,


Sorry, I don't have an answer for you but I would like to ask something. You said in your post, "the solar monitoring web page" and I would like to ask which page are you referring to? Do you see details of your solar production through your 'My Account' pages or do you pay the $15 for solar command?


The reason I ask is that AGL have never shown me any data on what my solar produces, the usage graph I see makes no reference to solar at all. The only way I can get data on my solar is to export the raw Excel data and then have to wade through lots & lots of numbers.


In the posts here I see a lot of people referring to looking at a graph of solar production but AGL tell me that this is all I can get, raw spreadsheet data, no graphs, no comparisons and that no one gets a visual representation.


So, Benibasha, or anyone else for that matter, is this true? Does no one sees a graph of solar performance unless you cough up $15 a month?


Or is AGL just simply telling me pork pies like that have done in the past?


I record all my data on a spreadsheet. To get data all I do is Google AGL solar monitoring and then login. For your first attempt you will probably have to register with AGL. (Its been that long I have forgotten what I did originally). Assuming you have got access to the web page, it will show your solar production and total consumption (from all sources)  for today's figures. Use the calendar to get other days. Originally the solar app on my phone use to give me consumption and production to the nearest hundredth of a kwh but this stopped some time ago so I now use the AGL solar monitoring which only gives you information to the nearest kwh. If you are like me and want it to the nearest hundredth, press the load data button. You will then be able to access an excel spreadsheet. On that spreadsheet, total the consumption and production columns. Divide the consumption and production totals by the number of readings for the day (usually 288) and then divide those results by 24. The resultant answers are consumption and production kwh's for the day to the nearest  hundredth.


I also record the amount of power I use from the grid and how much I give to the grid. This comes My Account.


With all this information, I am able to compare my calculation of my bill on  a daily basis with what AGL says it is. Most days I get within a cent or two of what  AGL say and the variation s no doubt due to rounding as AGL  do their calculations using kwh to the nearest thousandth.


Hope that helps you.




Thanks for the detail Benibasha, but I'm still a tad confused (easy when you are with AGL!).


I can log in to 'My Account' but all I can see there is kwh imported from the grid, no mention of solar and no record of what we have exported to the grid. There is a green 'Download usage data' button which gives me raw spreadsheet data but that is useless unless you massage it thoroughly like you describe.


So you can see details of your solar export to the nearest kwh without downloading the spreadsheet data?

Do you pay $15 per month for this feature?


I use a website AGL Electricity Provided (which I think you probably have to register for). Having got access to that page click on My Account and then follow the prompts to get power consumed and transferred to the grid.

This is shown in graph form for each day of the week. Hover the cursor over the graph bars and you will see the amount of power consumed and transferred to the grid.

Hope this helps.


I don't pay $15 per month.





Thanks again Benibasha,


That confirms for me what I have suspected all along. Solar users can see their solar production on the graph in My Account, except that I cannot. For 3 years I have been given every excuse that they can think of rather than fixing the problem. 


AGL's web presence is riddled with problems but AGL's policy seems to be deny all . . .

we are working on it,

we have a minor glitch,

you're not using it correctly, 

we'll investigate and get back to you (and they never do)


Here is what I see . . .


I log into My Account, and click on the usage tab to be shown . . .


When I click on the 'Go to Electricity and solar usage' button it opens a new tab and displays . . .



I can see details for energy imported from the grid but no reference at all to solar.

Last week after complaint number 27 an AGL rep told me that no one sees their solar production info in this graph and that the only way to see my solar data is to click the small green button and download spreadsheet data.


Would ANYONE from AGL care to comment on why this is? I will certainly not be thrilled to hear AGL's latest excuse! C'mon guys, at least be creative and blame it on something interesting like global warming or alien interference!


At Witzend


The screen  you showed in your message is the one that I refer to. When I go into that screen it shows for me the amount of power I have transferred to the grid (blue bars) and like you the amount of power I have imported from the grid (orange bars). I cant understand why AGL can't give you what you have exported to the grid. Could it be that you use all the power you generate and there is nothing left to be transferred to the grid?

 I have a 5kw system and to give you some idea of my usage and generation. In summer on a normal sunny day say up to 30 degrees I generate 30 plus kwh and might use 12-14 kwh. So that My Account page you have shown would have quite a large blue bar and a practically nothing orange bar. I always get charged a little every day in these circumstances (say 0.1 Kwh) and when I queried this with AGL they said it is all to do with algorithms. I have a Tesla battery which was installed by AGL as part of the Virtual Power Plant Scheme here in South Australia. I couldn't be stuffed wasting my time arguing over 0.1 kwh. but I do find it strange that on days when the battery never gets run down to the level I have set it to run down to (i.e. I have been running on the power that I have generated for the complete day) I still get charged for  a small amount of their power.


As the days get shorter and/or there are cloudy days, the blue bar gets smaller and the orange bar comes into play. In midwinter I export only minimal amounts and import quite large amounts (due to use of R/C air conditioner.


I hope that what I have illustrated above shows what you should be getting in the My Account page.

I've just had another thought although I don't know why it should matter but the fact that I have a battery may be the reason why I get what you don't. Do you have a battery?


I remember when I first had solar installed (no battery at that stage) I used to get my data from the inverter and the electricity meters. It wasn't particularly accurate as I recall but it served a purpose. To be accurate I would have had to read the meters at midnight but that was bridge to far.


Regards Benibasha



Thanks Benibasha,


You have shined a light into 3 years of AGL generated darkness. No, no battery, last bill shows 554 kwh of solar fed into the grid so we do not use all of the energy generated. An average daily surplus of 6.15 kwh/day.


I cannot understand for the life of me why AGL are so reluctant to address this issue, it's like puling teeth!


It would seem that the last consultant I spoke to (Verity) actually lied to me. If she didn't, then as an employee of AGL she is horribly misinformed, or was told to deliberately give me incorrect information.


Whatever is the case, I really don't care, but can someone from AGL please explain this?

AGL Community Manager

@AtWitzend  Hey there. I've recently joined AGL as the new Community Manager and I've just come across this discussion. Sounds like a pretty confusing and frustrating issue. Unfortunately I don't have the answer myself, but I'll do what I can to chase one up for you.

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Hi David


This to me is not confusing at all. All AtWitzend is asking for is what I get. i.e. on his My Account both the amount of power coming in and the amount being transferred to the grid. He only gets the amount being imported. In the words of Oleg the Meerkat - simple!