Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

Power outage Sunbury 3429

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AGL Moderator

Hi @BrianGirdwood

Apologies for the late reply, and thank you for letting us know of the outage! 


We're behind the eight ball in replying to your post so late, since it seems the power is back up and running. The best people to contact, in the event of an outage, would be your Distributor. We were able to check this with your postcode provided, and found that Jemena takes care of your power.  (You can check this yourself by going to for power, or for gas.) 


They realised this early on, and posted to Twitter about the outage:Jemena TweetJemena TweetThey were directing you to their updates page here. You can hang onto that link, just in case this were to happen again. 


You're not the only one to reach out to us, when the power goes out! It's confusing at the best of times, but as an 'FYI' we're your energy Retailer. As your energy Retailer, we are responsible for arranging the connection of electricity and/or gas to your property, sending you bills and looking after your energy needs. An energy Retailer is different to a Distributor.


Your Distributor, who is independent of AGL, owns and is responsible for the electricity poles and wires, gas pipes and meters in your area. They're also responsible for distributing the energy to your property. Because of this, your Distributor will remain the same regardless of which Retailer you sign up with. They are also responsible for performing many of the services you can request through your Retailer, including reading your meter, installing a new meter and restoring network faults.


Just in case you forget who yours is (like me), this information is also listed on your bill 🙂


Have a great weekend!


Kindly, Jordan

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