Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

Issues with getting usage data on website - Update


Hi everyone,

Just spreading the word out to potentially save others time...


I called AGL earlier and spoke to a chap (Dave) in the complaints team. He confirmed there has been an ongoing issue and it's being reviewed.


Contrary to the advive from Sam (moderator) earlier, you are _not able_ to get usage details over the phone as a workaround - so do not bother trying to do that. 


I'm expecting a call back from Dave later this afternoon with an update. I'll post it here when i get it.


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FYI - havent heard anything yet from customer support.. still waiting for their call back.


Also interested to know about this alternate method of getting the data if anyone has more info (?)




you will be waiting for a long long long long time




I'm in SouthEast Melbourne and reside in the United Energy distribution zone. I log into their website at you have to register but once up it is pretty easy to navigate and you can generate scheduled reports to be mailed. If you have another distributor they may have something similar. It has been very stable and reliable. Ii have solar and it also reports on power fed back to the grid.




In our 70's so definately not working for AGL...just reporting and recording what we have encountered in the last week...service and customer relations appears well and truely an historic expectation. Will be thoroughly checking all aspects of our next refund.


My distributor is Jemena. They have a similar setup to United Energy. I registered for their web portal some time ago and had completely forgotten about it.Just checked it out and it is much better than the AGL info (when it is working!). Thanks ChelseaGuy for pointing me in the right direction. Everyone should check out their distributors websites and just forget AGL!


thanks for your assistance and help



Thanks for explaining. Im with Ausgrid. Looking through their website i do not see anything equivalent to that, which is a shame.


Might be time to shop around for a better deal/supplier (via iselect or similiar). I like to track usage to work out how to best utilise the solar etc, and not having that ability for 2 weeks is quite dissapointing.


Thanks for this. I'm disappointed that the new view into Usage via My Account is less functional than via the old IQ site. It is annoying not to be able to download my own data and the graphical views offered are much more basic. I live in hope of improvement!


FYI - No updates yet today either.

Looks like the moderator here (Sam) has gone very quiet as well... 

AGL Moderator

Hi all, 

Thank you for pointing out this issue, and for your valuable contribution along the way! 

We have published an article noting this error, where we will continue to provide updates. You can access it here. Thank you for your ongoing patience with this matter.


Kindly, Jordan

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