Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

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I am a South Australia and I would like to hear from you about the electricity suppliers lack of respect for us clients. Without us there broke.

I have many thought and many many of my own theories and notice that the bottom of the pile always stay at the bottom of the pile. If small voice had a way to be a reconciled force I would love to be a voice in that. I feel to much and I get **bleep**ty with companies ripping off the small people. I feel to be a good listener is to know what is wrong with the issues that are being discussed. I know a little about everything and nothing about how to get somewhere else. I love to chat so do be shy about a simple hi or hello. I will reply 


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Hi @dahopkins


Thank you for reaching out to us here and for making your point very clear!


There is no denying the fact that rising energy prices are affecting our customers in a severe way. We have recognised this and the Government has to. We will be working with them to make sure that energy affordability is addressed across the country. We are one of the biggest retailers in the country and have the ability to make a big difference. You can read more about this here:


We welcome this discussion and hope to hear any and all opinions from members in the Community. We definitely want to be good listeners. πŸ™‚


Cheers, Dave

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