Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.





I want the below in writing as the people I have spoken to through phone calls and online chats have repeatedly promised me things and then did not deliver on their promises.


- on the 3rd August, I contacted AGL regarding a bill that I had only received that day for the period of March-June. It was completely unacceptable that AGL is that incompetent that they could not send out a bill ontime. Therefore I was stung with TWO bills a one month period. I was promised that day that my March-June bill would be cancelled. 2 weeks later I checked online and realised the bill was never cancelled. The person I spoke to gave me an empty promise and didn’t even care to do anything about my situation. I contacted AGL THREE separate time after that initial chat, every person I spoke to promised me they have sent an urgent request to the customer resolutions team to call me back. No one ever did each of those times. I had to contact AGL back myself.

- I finally got a call from the customer resolutions team after 4 chats with AGL that I initiated myself. All that he could tell me was that the first person never should have promised that he could cancel my bill. Well tough luck because I not only have proof of Binay promising my bill, I also have proof of another AGL representative lying to me and trying to change meanings of words to suit him. I threatened to take my case to the electricity Omudsman, however I never did as I was told that I was getting a good discount of 28% on electricity and 12% on gas. That was the ONLY reason.

- I then initiated an online chat on the 28th September, I advised the representative that I require electricity and gas at my new property at 3 S***** Road (service address is 117 M***** Road) on the 3rd October. And that I require my account at 14 V**** Street to be shut down on the 2nd November. I was told that I could not receive the same discount of 28% and 12% at my new property. I advised that this was not acceptable as it was the only reason I did not take AGL to the Ombudsman or move providers. I was advised to contact the customer resolutions team as they have higher clearance.

- I called the customer resolutions team and the lady I spoke to was nice and friendly, she organised for Energex to visit the 117 M**** Road property on Friday morning 5th and advised that electricity and gas will be turned on then. She advised that my 14 V***** St property will be cancelled from the 2nd. She advised that it was no problem to transfer the discounts of 28% and 12% over to my new property.

- on the 22nd October I received a call from an AGL representative asking me lots of questions like why I am switching from AGL. I advised that I am not switching from AGL I am just moving properties. He looked on my file and could only see that my electricity account was being cancelled from the 1st November. I told him no, both my electricity AND gas are being cancelled from the SECOND of November. And I have already spoken to someone previously about setting up electricity and gas at my new property, as they have transferred over the discounts. He then advised he could not see the new property on my account anywhere or any notes of it. I decided to speak to someone on the online chat to investigate further, the representative confirmed there was no trace of the person adding on my new property and transferring my discounts. He said he can ‘properly’ activate it then and there instead. He also confirmed the incorrect date of 1st November instead of 2nd November for the cancellation of the 14 V***** St property. He also advised that the original person never requested for my gas account to be cancelled on the 2nd either. I realised the person I spoke to on the phone on the 28th September did absolutely NOTHING that I requested. She never cancelled my gas, she never cancelled from the date I requested, she never set up my new house, she never transferred my discounts. Again, another AGL representative that promises you everything but is actually an incompetent crumb.

- I continued to receive hassling calls from AGL asking why I was cancelling and leaving AGL. I am fed up with being hassled by you!! I wasn’t leaving!!! I am just changing house!!! For gods sake does anything actually get done properly?? Why am I receiving these calls.

- I then contacted AGL resolutions team a few days later to transfer the discount and was again told that they could not find my new property in 117 M**** Road. I was told by the representative that they will investigate further and contact me back. I never spoke to anyone or received a voicemail.

- Fastforward to now, I then contacted AGL on the 1st November to talk about the solar panels I just had installed on my roof. I additionally asked them if they could confirm my new property is listed on my account. They again advised that the connection was not completed. That apparently a specialist tried to contact me on the 25th Oct. Not good enough! They didn’t leave a message they did try to call again. They just tried once, didn’t reach me and then gave up. They left me in the dark again, again I have to sort out my problems caused by AGL myself. The online person told me that they are suddenly not allowed to transfer discounts even though I was told by a previous customer representative that they not only COULD, that it was all COMPLETED. When obviously now, I was just lied to again. The online chat person meekly told me my complaints will be investigated and passed on. What a lie.

There is absolutely NO commucation by AGL at any point of my problems. It is continually me just randomly finding out that everything I was promised did not happen. Each and every time.


I now log on to my AGL account, it continues to show NO gas account for 117 M**** Road. AND its continues to show no deactivation for the gas account at 14 V**** St.






AGL Moderator
AGL Moderator

Hi breedill,


Thank you for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. 


We absolutely do care about the service we provide our customers and I'm sorry to hear of what has happened and the stress and frustration we've caused as a result.


We would appreciate it if you could get in touch with us via private message or web chat here, and provide your account details so we can have a further look at your account in detail and resolve this issue. 


Kind regards,



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