Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

Hot Water Meter hydrus reading


Hi there:

I have a hot water meter brand Hydrus as shown on the photo, I submit this photo to AGL customer reading but they said this is not the correct meter. This is the correct hot water meter installed to supply hot water for my unit. can anyone tell me how to read this meter? I can't find this type of meter from the guide. how to input this to online meter reading, as online meter reading format doesn't fit these figures..IMG02 Hot Water Meter_20201110_213025.jpg


AGL Moderator

Hi DC279!

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You are absolutely correct that this meter is a hot water meter, if you have sent us that image and we have advised that is not your meter then please get in contact via the AGL App or My Account as there may be an issue with the meter number. 

Thank you 


Thanks! So you mean I may have the wrong meter number on my bill? The problem is There is no meter number on this hot water meter. Who shall I talk to or which email I can send to address this issue? 

AGL Moderator

Hi dc279! 

Please Contact Us and we'll be able to send a request to the network to confirm your meter set up. 


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You must have a very unique electrical circuit in your residence.


This is a very nice photo of a WATER METER.


THIS IS NOT YOUR ELECTRICITY METER, the UNITS are specified in kL (Kilo Litres) and kL/H (Kilo Litres per Hour).


Your electricity meter will be mounted in your Electricity Box.


Maybe some of the moderators should check before they make false statements.


Cheers Neil




OOP's can tell you that the meter must be saying that you have put 234.877 kL through the meter.

If you are doing 234k/Lh your water bill would be like feeding the MCG prior to a GRAND FINAL.

Don't forget to keep us all up to date.