Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

Daily Usage Report


I need to prepare an insurance claim for electricity charges on specific dates and was hoping that AGL could provide me with a printed report of daily charges for the month of June 2018. How do I obtain a printed report showing the kWh and $ cost for each day during the month? I can view this information online but need a printed report. 


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You can download this information in an excel file by following the prompts from the 'Usage' tab once logged into your MyAccount. If you're unable to do this for any reason, please get in touch with me via private message and I'll be sure to help wherever I can!


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I also need to prepare a usage report for insurance purposes. My home flooded and the use of High powered, electricity sucking fans were used 24/7 for almost a month. When I download the usage report it goes on forever with years of usage Broken down into tonnes of increments throughout each day. Can anything be put together for a specific period with daily totals . I tried speaking to someone on the phone at agl and they were incredibly short/rude with me as apparently none of this is agls problem.They told me to sort this out with my landlord, the insurance company and resolve this between ourselves. I still need agls assistance first!!! Please help me? 

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