Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

AGL Rewards website not working & AGL Customer Service Rep hangs up on me


I have attempted to log onto the AGL Rewards website to purchase an eGift card.

  • When I goto "" I then select "I am an AGL Customer".
  • This then opens up my AGL Online account which I log into. Under the "Manage Account" tab there is a link saying "Visit AGL Rewards".
  • When I select this link it brings me back to the "" website. I then select "I am an AGL customer" and it opens up my AGL online account.
  • It then continues in this loop.
  • In the "Contact Us" page it states that the number to reach AGL Rewards is 1300397079.
  • I called this number and it just rings and rings and rings and eventually hangs up without anyone answering it.
  • I then called AGL Customer Service and finally spoke to a person who said they would transfer me to the AGL Rewards section.
  • I asked them to ensure they actually speak to a person from that section first to ensure that I actually get through correctly (as I predicted she would just transfer me to the number that didn't get answered).
  • She said that she would and she placed me on hold for several minutes. Then she just simply hung up.

I guess it was just too hard for her to help with this scenario. Thanks AGL (for nothing)



I tried logging into the site in incognito mode in Chrome and reward tab appeared. Then I cleared the browser cache, logged back again and rewards tab appeared as expected. Looks like old version of site was cached on my local computer.


Clearing web browser cache:

On Chrome/Firefox Browser press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE and click CLEAR DATA or CLEAR NOW button.


Hope this helps.


I tried everything I can but still not working.Here are the things I tried:

- Delete all cookies, browsing history, cache ...

- Chrome, Chrome incognito

- Firefox

- Internet Explorer 11

- Edge

- Chrome with Android on Samsung phone

- Safari on iPad

Life should not be that hard to get an AGL Rewards.


Have you turned off and on your computer? Just kidding (couldn't resist on SysAdmin Day). 🙂


Sorry to hear it's not working for you even after all the things you have tried. Clearing cache on Chrome on both Windows and Mac worked for me instantaneously. Only other thing you could try is to login into your AGL account on different computer (may be friends or at work) after clearing the cache. If this doesn't work then you should give AGL a call - may be something wrong on their side.


Good luck and it would interesting to know the resolution if and when it's solved for you. Do let us know here.


Have tried everything but still no luck.

Have sent screenshots to AGL customer service since 23/7/2018 still waiting .............


Ho can this be marked as solve if the customers still having issue. 

I still can’t get to rewards webpage as well


i got same problem without any good news


Yes this isn’t solved. Their response didn’t actually say they can access rewards.. 


another chat to customer service tonight. Resolution was initially -sent me a link, - to the page that says log in to access my rewards which results in oops!

resolution 2. They have requested rewards activation for my account I will receive AGL card via email. I should expect it within 24 hours. 


So either within 24 hours I’ll have access and can confirm there is now a solution 


I have been silenced for the next 24 hours waiting for activation that isn’t coming as an easy way to end chat. 


Ill share the result in 24 hours, 

 Shall we take bets? 🙂


Over the last 3 weeks, I sent screenshots of the problem to AGL they rang me back twice to say it was fixed but still no access.

So don't have high this time. 


Certainly have no high expectations. My money is firmly on the stalling tactic. This company is just embarrassing itself. 


They haven’t even bothered. 


Over 400,000 members and $500, 000 saved last year. I’d like to see the new figures for this year. 

AGL Moderator

We are continuing to investigate this problem, please check this announcement for updates.  


Thank you for your patience, we want to get you accessing your rewards as soon as possible!