Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

AGL Rewards website not working & AGL Customer Service Rep hangs up on me


I have attempted to log onto the AGL Rewards website to purchase an eGift card.

  • When I goto "" I then select "I am an AGL Customer".
  • This then opens up my AGL Online account which I log into. Under the "Manage Account" tab there is a link saying "Visit AGL Rewards".
  • When I select this link it brings me back to the "" website. I then select "I am an AGL customer" and it opens up my AGL online account.
  • It then continues in this loop.
  • In the "Contact Us" page it states that the number to reach AGL Rewards is 1300397079.
  • I called this number and it just rings and rings and rings and eventually hangs up without anyone answering it.
  • I then called AGL Customer Service and finally spoke to a person who said they would transfer me to the AGL Rewards section.
  • I asked them to ensure they actually speak to a person from that section first to ensure that I actually get through correctly (as I predicted she would just transfer me to the number that didn't get answered).
  • She said that she would and she placed me on hold for several minutes. Then she just simply hung up.

I guess it was just too hard for her to help with this scenario. Thanks AGL (for nothing)



same thing happened to me. the AGL website is really bad to use.  Man FrustratedMan Frustrated 

I try many times, still can't buy any giftcard.   


I noticed that I am not the only one with the problem of not being able to login to My Account. I have spoken  to a someone via online chat, and she was not able to resolve the issue. She said she would pass the matter on to a specialist team. This morning I tried to login to My Account /Rewards and it still is not working: the friendly dog appeared again. I tried to resolve the issue by clearing the cache, but I could still not log in to the site. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


Hi Bigjim,


I am having the same issue as yours.

Did you get that resolved yet?





I am having the same problems as well. 

Please let me know if yours are resolved.


Yes, I got the same error. The error dog page shows every time when click on the gift card link or show all link.

Called a week ago, the unfriendly Rep right away told me she can not do anything about it and asked me to send request via email to aglrewards. 

Email sent a week ago, no response at all so far, not even an auto generated ack email.

Just checked, the issue is still unresolved. 


Yeah, I have been calling AGL for this week.

Finally got someone from their technical team saying they will be looking into the problem.

Hopefully get it fixed up soon.



Short answer No.


Long answer, spent some time trying to find webchat and found out required pop ups to be activated. Couldn’t send message at that time only available business hours. Fair enough, so finally found time this morning to contact via webchat during business hours. (Think they might be 24/7 now though)

Spent 20 minutes giving details to the service officer who then said sorry nothing I can do you’ll have to ring ..this number, to he a specialist during .this time as they as they aren’t open at the moment. 

I advised that another person with same problem contacted webchat who were forwarded to a specialist and the problem was resolved.

she then said yes I can put you through to a specialist. And forwarded the chat.

15 minutes later the chat was picked up, and after 10 minutes of gathering the details askes me to clear the cache. Even knowing I had tried to connect with 5 different browsers and cleared caches on all and advising the chat will possibly end if I leave the page as I’m on my mobile.

so I try, fail and go back to the chat with no surprise it’s ended.

i find chat to start again and during the process of gathering the details, not sure exactly what happened but chat stops. 

I answer the survey asking how satisfied my chat session was and decide I give up for the day, 

i cant give them more information than I already have and they shouldn’t need me online to resolve the problem so I’m sure there working on the fault and will contact me back shortly to tell me it’s been fixed.


Similar experience. 

Hopefully it would be resolved soon. Sigh.



3 weeks has been passed.   ----- still the same problem.......Man SadMan SadMan Sad


I can't see the Rewards tab either!