Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

Want to discuss something that doesn't fit in the other areas? This is the place.

AGL Rewards website not working & AGL Customer Service Rep hangs up on me


I have attempted to log onto the AGL Rewards website to purchase an eGift card.

  • When I goto "" I then select "I am an AGL Customer".
  • This then opens up my AGL Online account which I log into. Under the "Manage Account" tab there is a link saying "Visit AGL Rewards".
  • When I select this link it brings me back to the "" website. I then select "I am an AGL customer" and it opens up my AGL online account.
  • It then continues in this loop.
  • In the "Contact Us" page it states that the number to reach AGL Rewards is 1300397079.
  • I called this number and it just rings and rings and rings and eventually hangs up without anyone answering it.
  • I then called AGL Customer Service and finally spoke to a person who said they would transfer me to the AGL Rewards section.
  • I asked them to ensure they actually speak to a person from that section first to ensure that I actually get through correctly (as I predicted she would just transfer me to the number that didn't get answered).
  • She said that she would and she placed me on hold for several minutes. Then she just simply hung up.

I guess it was just too hard for her to help with this scenario. Thanks AGL (for nothing)



Hi Jayden,


just sent you a PM.

AGL Moderator

Hi masster,


I've now resolved the issues impacting your account. As a result, you will receive an email prompting you to re-register for our services.


Please follow these prompts and let me know how you go.


Kind regards,



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Thanks, it works now.



I now have this issue. The issue is when I click the AGL Rewards link under my account, it takes me to a new webpage showing "We're moved", then takes me back to my account.


I have tried this on different browsers, different PC's and mobile phones and 4 different work computers without any luck.


Can you please advise how to fix this?


If possible, I will send you my account details through private message.


Thank you very much.




AGL Moderator

Hi David, 


Welcome to AGL Community! 


That sounds like there may be issues on your online account. 


If you are using the following process and it still not working, I recommend you contact us so we can get it looked into. 


1 - Log into to access your online account on a web browser. 

2 - Click on the Rewards Tab. 

3 - Click explore more rewards. 


Thank you 



Hi Ellen,


I do not have access to the "Rewards" tab. It does not exist.


Where to from here?





AGL Moderator

Hi David! 


I see, that does cause a bit of a wrinkle. If you can message me - click on my name Ellen1 and send me a private message. 


I will need a screen shot of your online account and your account details and I will get this fixed up for you.