Something is totally broken with AGL big time

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I am sorry to say is a gigantic nightmare to get any communications or replies from AGL. Shielded in a world of a help desk or leave a message where no none understand what I am saying.

Been waiting 4 hours on line, left messages with account number and what is going on with my new account. Then since I cannot continue waiting I log of and when logging again someone who did not read what I left as message ask me again for my account number.

I am starting to regret having signed with AGL, it is an atrocious mess.


Totally agree with you. I haven't even got my first bill yet, only confusing emails saying my bill has "changed". Am now looking for a provider that will actually talk honestly, if there is such a thing. 


Thanks, they are no longer my provider. I have sacked them. There are no excuses of any kind and colours. They are totally shielded from reality.

Unfortunately reality is one and only one. What gets me is the answers they leave in product review. They still ignore or have no comprehension in reading English.

Maybe is my fault as it is my third language and I am not William Shakespeare.

The world is all upside down, it appears ruled by Lord Scissors, they all want to cut costs, and the costs are really high.