Clear Communications

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I have written before about the importance of clear and easily understood communications.


Apart from the language and "special terminology" that gets used, it is also important to be consistent in the information provided.


In the document "Important things you should know about your Energy Plan", one of the bullet points is:-

"Your Energy Plan lasts for 12 months. We may contact you before the end of your Energy Plan to notify you of your new Energy Plan...."


So it seems that the Energy Plan DOESN'T last for 12 months at all - AGL can change it any time they choose.


If the terms of the Energy Plan are not fixed for 12 months, please don't say that the "Energy Plan lasts for 12 months".


The fact that other points in this document say that details are variable doesn't mean that it's OK to say The Energy Plan lasts for 12 months.

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Totally agree with you. I signed up with such a plan, haven't even received my first bill yet, and I get a couple of emails full of jargon saying my bill was "changing". I presume going up, otherwise they wouldn't try to hide the fact.