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When adding an "authorised person" to the account.  The web site asked for DOB.  I can type I don't need a calendar brought up and i'm forced to click day, month and scroll through to the year. 

A number of papes check my browser for "latest version".  Why?
I use windows 7.  I don't always do the updates.  Have 2 degree's in computing.  From the 80's.
I know security.  I use hardware firewalls. Not Microsoft or other programs. To keep me secure.
I'm an adult I don't need to be told what I already know. 

AGL Community Manager
Status changed to: Not Right Now

Thanks for the feedback Buddah. We haven't received other complaints about the way dates are entered or about built-in security requirements, but if this changes we'll definitely review and adjust as necessary.


Thanks Dave.  I rekkon todays "programmers" are slack.  They tend to use "addin's" and systems are checked on latest and greatest.  The days of functionality are gone.  Today we a forced to use "features" that are clumsey/ designed for those that have forgotten how to use their hands and can only use their thumbs.  I still see no need to "check" what browser is the client is using.  Cheers