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Warn users about scam emails and what to look for


Think about warning users about scam emails and how to identify them without them clicking on any embedded links that could lead to trouble.


For instance, I just received an email saying it was from AGL for a survey or feedback.  But I hovered my pointer over all the links in the email and they are all clearly scammer links as nothing is AGL related in the URL's.


Also where would we users report these sorts of emails?  Your site doesn't appear to have anywhere to report scams.



AGL Community Manager
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Hi @sifudean , thanks for letting us know about this - it's really important that people are aware of the risks of phishing and scam emails.  We have a page called Stay Safe Online which contains tips on how to identify scams, and there are instructions there on how to report messages like this as well.


Please forward the email through to with the subject line "Spam" and it will be reviewed.


Waiting to see what is the response from AGL.

AGL Community Manager

Hi @JohnDiller , you can see AGL's response above.


Hi John,


As I was the original poster for this I can update you with the information that was sent to me (and not included in the official response or their linked content) that explained that AGL emails like the ones I mentioned actually do come from other services / domain names...  So I will never be taking one of their surveys or such as they can not be identified as official / real emails from AGL as they do not contain links to AGL domains so zero trust.  Also the last time I checked this fact wasn't covered in the packaged response above.


If it looks like spam or suspect email, delete it.  Official communications should be easy to check and know that the links contained within, if there are any links, should be the certified company domain that you know and not some strange link.


Very poor effort in my honest opinion.  I hope to win lotto one day and go off-grid so I don't have to receive any of their emails again... I pay too much to them already.