General Feedback and Ideas

Using excess solar energy


There has been a lot of talk lately about excess rooftop solar energy being produced during the day. This idea is about several ways to use that energy - at least prior to the installation of neighbourhood batteries. The first is to allow excess daytime energy to be redirected to off-peak water heaters, which would store the excess energy as hot water - including for households that do not have solar rooftop systems. There is almost infinite capacity to soak up excess energy in this way and all that is required would be to allow AGL's Smart meters to switch their water heating cycles. This  could even make electric water heaters the most efficient way to heat water. The second way is to use excess daytime energy to power community facilities such as water storage pumps and sewage pumps, to move water and sewage around at minimum cost. The last way avoids excess energy from causing problems in the system, but it is the least productive. It involves using excess energy to run street lights during the day. Together, all these strategies should soak up any excess power and rooftop-system owners could still be paid the current fee-in rate.