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Hi, Received my latest account and the Feed-in Tariff had been changed.  On all my other accounts when the Feed-in tariff has changed it has been printed as $0.58, $0.56 per kWh and so on.  On reading my last account, given the way it had been printed i.e $0.5, it led me to believe that my Feed-in Tariff had dropped to 5c per kWh.  I rang your accounts section who pointed out that the 0.5 was in fact a half or 50% of the dollar.  Can I suggest that you stay consistent and print it as $0.50 or $0.48 whatever the case may be.  I not only wasted my time but the time of your accounts people who, I might add, were very polite and helpful.  

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Thanks for the feedback @currie1907 , sorry to confuse you with that one.