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It's nice you offer rewards,  but please consider people in remote country areas for a change.   Money of Coles online.....900km round trip for us.   Discounted movie and spa tickets......1,800km round trip for us.   Not everyone lives in or close to the city,  so how about something we can use that will keep us loyal to you. 

AGL Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hi @Indenial , thanks for the feedback. The majority of rewards offered are for online retailers, which are accessible to regional areas by delivery. Do you have any specific requests for what type of rewards you'd like to see included?


My question is how often do you use any of these online retailers?the only one I use is ebay but not all the time. Spas and cinemas and restaurants,  nowhere near regional people, not that I frequent them either. Coles and woolies were good everyday for most people. Recently gave us a Coles voucher to use but can only use it once! Now still no decent rewards, maybe reduce the electricitycosts instead if not going to offer any decent rewards anymore. That would benefit everyone,  take an extra 5% off or something. .


I signed up with AGL as I like the idea of further accumulating Flybuy points but the AGL/Flybuy partnership ended 20 June 2021!

Looking at available rewards on offer, most of them are so ridiculous, for example Uber Eats at 2% discount?  That is $1 discount for a $50 home delivery order. I wonder who will bother.

I suggest you should set a 5% discount benchmark to make your rewards competitive.