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Hi there,

I have never used this before so I apologise in advance if this is not the appropriate place to give suggestions to AGL.

It seems that AGL does not have a place in which you can give your preferred name. I understand that the legal name would be required by AGL in order to prove identity and for other legal reasons, but it can be very distressing receiving a bill under a name that you do not use/ that is incorrect. I wanted to recommend adding a section where a preferred name can be added, which should then be used for future bills (with the account still obviously being held under legal name). This would reduce a lot of stress, especially for those who cannot yet afford to have their name changed legally. If fraud or whatnot is an issue, then AGL could simply request a letter written by a mental health professional or GP to support the request.

Thanks in advance.

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AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Insert_Username 


First of all, this is certainly the right place for giving suggestions, and thanks for submitting this one!


Secondly, I'm very sorry for any distress you've experienced by receiving a bill in a name you no longer go by. Unfortunately I believe it's a legal requirement to have the bill display the legal name the account is held under, and this needs to be changed through the legal channels outside of AGL. A preferred name feature could be a helpful addition to the online My Account section - it could change the name displayed online when logged in.