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Meter Numbers


We have 6 meters at our offices and I cannot see any meter number unless I down load the PDF bill for each.

I would think it cannot be that hard to display the meter number next to the account number along with the meter location address?

AGL Moderator

Hi @allanste,


Thanks for your feedback.


I would love to find out a little more about your situation to better understand improvements that can be made. 


Accounts can be set up in a few different ways so it would be good to have a little bit more information on the task that you're doing and the purpose of referencing the meter number on the PDF bill. 


Are you in the Billing tab of your account, wanting to see the Meter number alongside the Account number? Do you have 6 separate billing components in your account, with each corresponding to the separate meters that you're responsible for in your office? 


Thanks in advance. You're feedback is really valuable to us so that we can continue to improve our online services. 




AGL Community Manager
Status changed to: Needs More Info
AGL Community Manager

@allanste can you provide any more information about your request here?